"the dialogue between contemporary dance and urban pollution in cinematographic language"
"The interdisciplinarity in environmental awareness"

Article on the construction of human relations with polluted environment, causes and consequences.


Available in:


Article about the experience of performances, workshops and interventions in integrated arts.

Proceedings of the 3rd Week of Academic Integration of UFRJ | 9. Extension Congress / 2012

Available in:


Dance, Art, Science and Creation: Reflections on the Use of Workshops and Performances in the Context of Integrated Arts as a Medium of Artistic and Pedagogical Intervention in Dance-Education

some article publications

Article about environmental education teaching through art.

Práxis Magazine

Year VII | Jun 2015

Available in:


The poetics of life in pollution 
Interdisciplinary dialogues of art, dance & sustainability

Digital Book about the experience of the research process and creation of the project "The poetics of life in pollution"

The book features a graphic design by Karen Cortes, photos by Ricardo Galván, Rafael Esquivel and Luis Luna. Text by Sheyna Queiroz

The book was published by Editora CRAM, sponsored by AMEXCID.

Launched in Mexico in 2015, at the official event of "The Poetics of Life in Pollution", in Zamora, Michoacán, MEXICO.

Available in:


"Breathing: A Form Of Expression In Dance"

"La Respiración: Una Forma De Expresión En La Danza"

Dance Magazine FLUIR

Country: MEXICO

Spanish Language

Available in: la-respiracion-una-forma-de-expresion-en-la-danza.html

Corporality in the Environment"

"The Corporality in the Environment"

Dance Magazine FLUIR

Country: MEXICO

Spanish Language

Available in: http://revistafluir.com.mx/misa-brevis/la-corporalidad-en-el-medio-ambiente.html

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