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New Partnership

Lille - FRANCE, October 2016


New partnership with "Cie MouvemenT (és)", with artistic direction by Aurore Floreancig.

The French actress and choreographer embarks on the adventure of discovering "Videoperformance" as an aesthetic of interdisciplinary creation for contemporary dance.

They will be creative labs, artistic residences, workshops, video, dance and new technologies.


"If technology is transforming the possibilities and potentialities that facilitate communication and exchanges around the world, it also transforms the nature of connections, and new perceptions of the global structure.

Construction and destruction are the potential nucleus created by new technologies and new media

Let us try, through dance and video, to question this transformation, how we operate in our own bodies, and the perceptions of ourselves and others around. "


FOTO: Ariel Figueroa

Cie Architecture of the Ephemeral

Lille - FRANCE, December 2016



It is with great pleasure that I announce that the site of the CIE OF INTEGRATED ARTS Arquitetura da Efêmero is already ready ....

The site is available in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French and has information on the professionals involved, artistic and pedagogical-educational works ...

Thank you to everyone who helped achieve this dream more!

Remembering that we are always open to suggestions, criticisms, issues and partnerships !!!! Everyone is very welcome!



To dance is to understand life with the whole body.

To dance is to express what is deepest in the human being, which no word is capable of translating.

Because life is not linear, because life is not logical, does not wait, can not be predicted, does not give signs, life is pure instant.

To dance is to express with the body the feeling of each moment that has been kept, but that will be understood by all, even those who did not feel or lived the same situations ...

Because human feelings are the same, regardless of race, color, sex, social class or profession ...

No matter who you are, the dance will touch you in some way, even if you do not want to ...

To dance is to know how to feel the opposites and to express them in every movement.

The Dance is democratic, the dance is liberating, the dance can have any dimension ...

or it may have no dimension.

Santiago Schaerer –Creator and Technician of Light and Sound in Artistic Residency, Paraguay-France

Lille - France, May 2017

Asunción - Paraguay.



The Architecture of the ephemeral is continuing its work to develop the interdisciplinary project (dance, performance, video, light, music, social sciences, digital arts and new technologies) «In the Center».

And today, with pleasure, we inform you that we are receiving the Financial Assistance Program for the professional development of Artists of the National Fund of Culture and Arts of Paraguay, FONDEC, SANTIAGO SCHAERER, artist and light technician, He comes to France for a 3-month intensive creative residency.

This residence has the support of many of the French institutions and organizations that believe in our work and have decided to embark on our journey in search of new aesthetics, new creations, new experiences for artists on stage and for the public . They are: CDC-Lille Gymnase and ZINC - Center of Arts and Digital Cultures.

We invite you to accompany and follow our creative laboratories, "get out of residences", workshops, etc.

"Light is the third body of the stage, a part of the stage game, the word, the expression of desire.

Light composes space, time, shapes and deforms the body of dancers-performers-performers.

Intensity, color, brightness ... ".

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