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Workshops, classes and courses, body preparation, artistic residency and projects in progress.



As a teacher, I give classes in dance and theater, and physical preparation for artists, actors and dancers. As a dancer and performer in shows and performances for stage and alternative spaces, advertising, TV and cinema. I direct and choreograph art, education and research projects. I am currently developing a research project under the guidance of Roberto Eizemberg, which relates contemporary art and dance as an aesthetic expression of the effects of urban pollution on contemporary man. In parallel, we continue with Debris from a houseboat, in two formats: Show-Performance and Live-exhibition. We are open for presentation proposals, workshops and exhibitions, as well as partnerships and networks.







Photo Credits:

Dani Gonzalez

Frederico Arede

Hudson Motta

Julius Mack

Lenise Pinheiro

Luciano Saramago

Luis Luna Lara

Rafael Esquível

Ricardo Galván

Roberto Eizemberg

Xoan Garcia Huguet




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